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Have you ever wondered if you’re paying too much for your used car dealer insurance? 

Perhaps you’ve never purchased a dealer insurance policy because you think you can’t afford to protect your business yet.

No problem, our process ensures you get the best rates from the carriers that specialize in
Used Car Dealer Insurance.

Experience Counts

Every insurance app is personally reviewed by a 20-year industry expert.  

Dealer Education

No surety bond agency does as much to educate their educate!

Newly Licensed Ok

We also help used car dealer startups get insured properly and for less.

Coverage Packaging

Understanding the proper coverage set for you is critical and our specialty!

What's the difference between a Surety Bond vs Insurance for Car Dealers?

This short video will bring you up to speed…


This course is going to save you time and money for years to come. 

Taking action right now puts momentum on your side and creates the possibility for you to stop stressing because you’re being diligent with your valuable time and money.


It’s always a pleasure doing business with Mike Ramos. He is very knowledgeable, consistent, and has great service standards. Great experience and super reliable.

Frank from Newark, CA

Retail Dealer for 9 years

Let's talk about what's in it for you?

Efficient Business Practices

Efficient start-up activities allow you to focus and prioritize strategically to build your ideal business, which in turn gives you the time for what matters most. 

Consistent Customer

Managing a business that's having trouble getting potential customers is terrifying! Most dealerships  chase a different solution to this problem every month.

Strong Inventory Turnover

You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are building a healthy, profitable business model! After all, why start a business that will only bring you stress?

Minimize Headaches & Confusion

Having a Roadmap prevents prolonged periods of inaction, which leads to businesses becoming stagnant. Clarity is the key to optimizing your energy.

Plan for Sustained Success

Why reinvent the wheel?Utilizing proven "best practices" will lead to a profitable dealership and ultimately, year-over-year success!


Employee to Employer conversion. We also dive into the fears and pain points of most start-ups.

Car Dealer Insurance Coverage - False Pretense


Retail, Wholesale, & Auto Broker Models explained in detail. Entity possibilities are also discussed.

Car dealer insurance expert


The process of  developing your SWOT analysis, Mission and Vision Statements.

If you’re serious about building a profitable used car dealer business without wasting tons of time cutting your teeth in the industry, invest into your future right now

Don’t stress over this one, it’s really a no-brainer. Your peace of mind is worth it!

Only a small percentage of dealers make it in a normal business cycle. In 2020, the rate of dealers that are struggling or out of business already is absolutely alarming! 

Increase your odds of experiencing tremendous success by working with industry experts that follow a tried, tested, and true method for sustainable growth. 


He works on Sunday which impressed and inspired me! I really appreciate the dealer services and look forward to our next business endeavor. He deserves more credit! I can’t say enough how thankful my family and I are for his help!

Tony from Sacramento, CA

Retail Dealer for 4 years

If you follow the system, you won’t be blowing your hard-earned money on inventory that attracts the wrong audience that you don’t really want as customers.

  • Most dealers will finish up the licensing process 18 – 23 days faster and with much less frustration.
  • Buying and preparing your inventory for sale takes a lot of work. Imagine the stress you would feel if every vehicle on your lot took 3 months to sell!
  • Following a step-by-step process that has been known to deliver results will make a world of difference when your inventory moves weeks quicker and for higher margins.

Don't Stumble Around the Licensing Process!

Navigating a minefield would be incredibly stressful, unless you had the sitemap. 

You might be surprised at how gratifying it is to design and execute a profitable business model, especially in today’s business climate.

So Here's The Bottom Line With The Roadmap to 6-Figures

  • You get the 11 high-quality videos to walk you through the step-by-step pre-licensing process. 
  • Module 1 has multiple exhibits, worksheets, and much more is included with your 65-page binder that are never given by the DMV! 
  • You get the exact blueprint you need to succeed.

You get all of this in Module 1

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Keep momentum on your side and minimize your frustration!

Here’s to your success and prosperity!!



Do you have questions about Roadmap to 6-Figures Programs? Are you wondering if the program could work for you? 

Give Mike Ramos a call at 866-426-6354. He would be happy to discuss your goals and how the Roadmap could help you succeed.